Winter Wonderland Wines
A Wine Collection That Warms The Soul
Frosty winter nights beg for a wine that warms the soul. 

The type of wine that tells you stories while sipping by the fire. 

Wines that ignite a great conversation at the dining table or make a great companion for soothing self-indulgence. 

Heartier winter dishes also need robust wines so they work in harmony together. 

Fuller more complex reds with power and structure are the standards for a proper winter wine collection. 

If you’re looking to warm the soul while the crisp air flows and snowdrops fall, the Winter Italian Wine Collection is for you.

This collection was curated by Tony Margiotta, award-winning author of Hidden Gems of Italy and Host of Gladiator Wine TV. Each wine in the collection was handcrafted by a local artisan winemaker in Italy. 
Winter Italian Wine Collection

Give The Gift of Artisan Wine 
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4-Bottle Winter Italian wine collection ($487 Value) 
A 4-bottle collection carefully curated to pair with your winter cuisine and special occasions. 
  • ​​Bottles: 4 Iconic Red Wines From Italy from Artisan Winemakers
  • ​Body: Full Body Reds
  • Artisanal: hand-harvested / hand-selected / handcrafted in Italy at the Origin
  • Small Batch: 980 - 10,500 bottles handcrafted
Ugolini "Valle Alta" Amarone della Valpolicella 2011 (single vineyard cru / 3,223 bottles handcrafted) (Veneto)
Battaglio Barbaresco 2019 (980 bottles handcrafted) (Piedmont)
Corte dei Venti Brunello di Montalcino 2018 (10,500 bottles handcrafted) (Tuscany)
Atha Ruja "Kuentu" Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva 2018 (3,333 bottles handcrafted) (Sardinia)

**Please disregard the vintage years in the pictures. The wines listed above are the correct vintages to be shipped for your order. 
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Each QR Code will show you a different video for each wine in your collection. 

Ugolini "Valle Alta" Amarone della Valpolicella 2011

Gold Medal Winner - Mundus Vini
Gold Medal Winner - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
92 Points - Gilbert & Gaillard, France
91 Points - Falstaff, Austria 
3,233 bottles produced in 2011 
60 quintals/hectare
altitude: 840 ft
Cru: Valle Alta (Classico) single vineyard
Residual Sugar: 0.9 ml/l
Full mouthfeel, silky textures, aromatic, red fruits, dried figs, rose petals, sweet spices, and vanilla. A fruit-forward Amarone without the "raisiny" notes of more commercial Amarones. 
Aged in cellar 10 years before released to public.
The seasonal trend of the 2011 vintage was characterized by a very rainy winter, with temperatures generally in line with the averages
seasonal of the period. The first quarter of the vintage, in addition to temperatures slightly above the seasonal average, was characterized by an
exceptional rainfall: all factors that contributed to an early bud break. Spring continued with temperatures always at
above the historical seasonal averages and with an exceptional drought: factors that contributed to an early flowering of more than 15 days compared to
the previous year and about ten days compared to the historical average. In contrast, the summer months of June and July were characterized by a
high rainfall, useful for the optimal development of the bunches, followed by an August lacking in rain with high temperatures. All climatic conditions
maintained the vegetative advance of the beginning of the season and guaranteed excellent health and quality state of the grapes. The harvest
started well in advance of previous years, continuing with the almost total absence of precipitation and high temperature ranges
between day and night, conditions necessary for optimal maturation. 2011 will therefore be remembered as one of the marked vintages
from the most important vegetative advance in recent years, from an excellent quality of the grapes and with quantities in line with the production discipline.

Battaglio Barbaresco 2019

Gold Medal Winner at Merano Wine Hunter. 
1,600 bottles handcrafted
50 quintals/hectare
Aging: 15-20 years

Barbaresco is considered one of the world's greatest wines. Made with 100% Nebbiolo, Barbaresco wines have the ability to age for decades. The Battaglio Barabresco comes from a cru territory of Neive in Serragrilli. Gianluca Battaglio is a masterful artisan winemaker that produces just 1,600 - 2,000 bottles per year of this Barbaresco. Made with only hand-harvested and hand-selected grapes of the finest quality. Each bottled is individually numbered. Aged in 80% Slavonian and 20% French oak barrels for 2 years and 1 year in the bottle in the cellar before release. Medium bodied Barbaresco with elegance, structure, and finesse. Floral and red fruit aromatics. Ripe fruit and soft texture on the front palate, full mid palate with smooth textures, red fruit, and rose petals, and full-bodied back palate with vivacious acidity and persistence. A meditative finish with elegant tannins that fade gracefully and generously give another wave of red fruit and red floral to savor. Pairs beautifully with mushroom based dishes like mushroom risotto, filet mignon with a side of mixed mushrooms, and veal. Aged cheeses are always welcome.

Corte dei Venti Brunello di Montalcino 2018

Gold Medal - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Gold Medal / 95 Points - International Wine Challenge 
3 Bicchieri - Gambero Rosso
93 Points - Associazione Italian Sommelier
90 Points - Wine Enthusiast

60 quintals / hectare
36 to 48 months in large Slovenian oak casks of 25 Hl. 
10,500 bottles handcrafted
elevation: 1,000 ft

From the southernmost sections of the Montalcino appellation you'll find the Corte dei Venti estate winery. Owned and operated by Clara Monaci, her family has been making wine in Montalcino since 1943. Her family's estate, Corte dei Venti, which translates to "Court of the Winds," is named after a unique microclimate in Montalcino. This section of Montalcino is the sunniest, characterized by hilly slopes, red soils, and constant sea winds that keep the vineyards healthy.

This Brunello di Montalcino is bombastic and bold, with a refined rawness that speaks of its low-to-zero intervention in the cellar. The wine is big, bold, complex, with the classic Sangiovese cherry notes, spices, minerality, and even a touch of tobacco. This is THE Brunello that everyone expects and actually gets.

The vineyards are characterized by hilly soils with steep slopes of varying degrees. The soils have a red color which is unique in Montalcino. Rich in ferrous calcareous clay and well endowed with minerals that are influenced by the winds coming from the sea. It's the constant sea winds that guarantee a prolonged and optimal ripening of the grapes.

This artisanal Brunello di Montalcino comes from low-yielding vines for enhanced quality. The wine is aged 36 to 48 months in large Slovenian oak casks of 25 Hl. Followed by at least 4 months of bottle resting until release. 10,500 bottles handcrafted.

Atha Ruja "Kuentu" Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva 2018

Gold Medal - Grenache du Monde
Gold Medal - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
5 Stars 90/100 Concorso Enologico Internazionale del VinItaly
Special Mention, WWA Decanter World Wine Awards
35 quintals/hectare  
Unfiltered Wine 
Ageworthy: 12-15 years 
Ready to Drink Now
3,333 bottle annual

The old craft trades like the blacksmith, the tailor, and the butcher have become a lost art in the modern world. People have gotten used to the mediocre. Today everything is mass-produced. But in tiny pockets of the old world, exist artisans that resist the generic. Atha Ruja is a craft winery on the island of Sardinia in Italy. They are the inheritors of an ancient craft of winemaking. "Kuentu" is the reserve, made with 100% Cannonau grapes from 40-year-old vines, an optimum age for the production of age-worthy Cannonau. Made with only the finest quality grapes that were hand-selected during the harvest. Aged in small French oak barrels for 3 years before and 1 year in bottle in the cellar before its released. This wine was selected because it can hold its own weight amongst the company of other world renown wines such as Barbaresco and Amarone. It represents best-in-class Cannonau. The wine culture in Sardinia may be the oldest in the Mediterranean. Scientists discovered pre-historic Cannonau seeds dated over 3,000 years ago. This is an opportunity to taste the essence of a lost world and the finesse of a finely crafted wine. Massive body, jam-packed red fruits, spices, savory earth tones, and a dry finish with concentrated dried forest fruits. "Kuentu" means "Tale" in the local Sardinian vernacular. When you sip on Kuentu slowly, it might tell you stories. 
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