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Discover How Italian Wine Drinkers Are Enjoying $100 Bottles Of Wine That Cost $27
Best-Value Italian Wines.
Few know about these wines.
You can't get them in your local wine shop.
Take your "wine life" to the next level. 
Dear Wine Enthusiast,
In Italy there’s a new class of wines becoming the most tasteful in the country and perhaps the world.

And very few people even know of their existence yet.

Even many leading wine experts and sommeliers have no idea.

While California Cultists guzzle down Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa Valley. As tourists sip on Rosè in France. While trendies order natural wines in Brooklyn,
there’s a small group of delicious masterpieces they’ll never get to taste.

You'd think such marvelous wines would command a heavy price tag but, 

Surprisingly, the pricing is affordable!

And the reason why makes perfect sense. 

-- During an excavation, scientists from the University of Cagliari stumble upon a 3300-year-old wine cellar underground. The site reveals secrets to the world’s most noble drink…and wine buffs from Japan, Switzerland, and the United States are quietly flocking there to scoop up cases for their collections. 

-- Falernum (a lost treasure and favorite wine of the Roman emperors) was identified under a different name. Locals are still enjoying the full-bodied and complex red 2000 years later in a lesser-known region of Italy.

-- A rare Sicilian wine that risked extinction proves to be as age-worthy as the world’s most valuable wines like Bordeaux, Barolo and Brunello di Montalcino.

-- Now the "Italian government is investing 150 Million Euros in the Italian wine sector" to restore ancient vineyards.

The most exciting part? The wines in this little-known category TASTE LIKE $100 AND ONLY COST $27!

So the reason why few people know about them is simple.

These liquid works-of-art are produced in limited quantities. Some as few as 3,000 bottles per year. Your local liquor store can’t get them because there isn’t enough to go around.

So you’re about to discover the secret to elevating your wine experience. Without spending a fortune! 

You should be warned though. After reading this you'll never taste wines the same way EVER again.

The type of wine that takes your sipping pleasure to the next level is called craft wine. With craft wine you’ll be savoring reds and whites beyond anything you or your friends are drinking right now. 

You're about to gain an unfair advantage over the masses. 

Over the next few minutes, you’ll find out how “craft wine” is the savvy way to getting high-end wines at affordable prices.
You might be wondering why other people don't know about craft wine. 

The reason is because most people make 3 huge mistakes when they shop for wine. You can see what they are down in the next section. 

You're Just One Cork Away 
From The Greatest Wine In Your Life!
INCREDIBLE Selection of italian wine will take your 
"wine life" to the next level!
This carefully-curated selection of Italian Wines come from small craft wineries that you just can't get in your local wine shops. These off-the-radar wines taste like $100 bottles of wine but cost you $27. The reason is because these wineries invest zero money in advertising unlike their mass-produced competitors. When a big brand spends money on advertising, they pass that cost on to you. You get higher quality for your money with small wineries that invest in quality, not advertising.  

3 Wine-Shopping Mistakes
That Cost You Big
“Is this wine any good?” 

Do you ever ask yourself this question? 

You’re standing in front of a wine rack at a liquor store. There are hundreds of wines to choose from. 

It's exciting to see so many bottles of wine but at the same time it can feel overwhelming.

Some people think they don’t a have a palate so from one wine to the next it doesn’t make a difference. This is totally untrue and I'll explain why in a bit. 

The fact is there are too many options to choose from. How do you pick the best wine for your budget? 

When shopping for wine most people commit three mistakes. When they do, they are actually leaving money on the table. Let’s go over them. 

Mistake #1: Do you pick the same wines over and over? 

Let’s face it. You’re hesitant to choose a bottle outside of what you know because you might not like it. And if the wine sucks you're going to regret it. 

So you stick with the "safe bet." 

A "safe bet" might be a brand like Mondavi or a grape varietal like Cabernet Sauvignon. 

There’s a problem with the “safe bet” option. 

You have zero chance of finding the best wines available to you. 

Why cheat yourself out of that? 

Mistake #2: Sexy Label

Do you pick a wine because the label is attractive? Some people like colorful labels. Some like old-looking labels. Some people like to see catchy words on the label like “cupcake.” 

If you pick wines because the label looks cool, you’re leaving money on the table. Never judge a wine by its label. You’ll get ripped off. 

Industry experts know how to grab your attention with eye-popping labels. That's where the big commercial wineries invest their money.

Would you be surprised to know they invest more in advertising than quality wine? 

Mistake #3: Using Price As Your Guide

Do you pick a wine because the price is right? 

Is it "on sale" or "discounted?"

Does it look like a good value? 

Some people think that a $10 bottle is as good as a $50

Then there's other people that think the higher the price the higher the quality. 

The fact is that you can find bad wine at any price.  

Whether you buy cheap or high-end, picking a wine based on price alone means you’re going to miss out on something far more important. 

Here's the reason why people make these mistakes. 

They try to turn a chaotic situation (finding a great wine at a great price) into a simple task. 

It’s human nature to look for shortcuts. I'm about to show you a better way. 

The secret is that 9 out of 10 bottles, (whether at your local shop or online), are not worth the money. Let me explain. 

How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed By 
Too Many Choices
Wine shops are filled with thousands of selections. It's a chaotic situation. 

Naturally you use shortcuts to find your next "deal wine." But it turns out that the three shortcuts most people use like (safe bet, price, and sexy label) are mistakes that cost you money. 

Here's the interesting part.  

Seeing packed shelves of wine is an illusion of choice. It might seem like there are so many wines to choose from but they're actually copies of the same thing. 

That's actually good news! Here's why. 

I'm about to tell you a secret that no one will tell you. 

Once you know it you'll be able to avoid at least 95% of all wines in your neighborhood store

The Most Deceptive Wines On The Planet

The Big Wine Industry pumps all the advertising money into mass-produced wines and keeps you "in the dark" about lesser-known wines with a higher quality. 

Since the mass-producers control the wine industry, it's difficult to find high quality wines at affordable prices. Either the wine is high-quality but expensive or cheap wine that's not worth drinking!

Most wine drinkers will never see the real "best value" wines because the mass-producers fill up the shelves at wine stores and don't leave space for alternatives.

The real gems are hidden from view. They're difficult to identify...until now. 
The Majority Of Wines In Wine Shops Are Mass-Produced With Artificial Flavors And Chemicals! Very Little Of It Is Actual Wine!
According to a survey on, 67% of people pick wines based on a familiar brand or type. Why? Because they're afraid of buying a bad wine. 

So they take the "safe bet." But that's exactly what the The Big Wine Industry knows you will do. You're being watched and they will profit from you. 

Those "familiar" wines that you see everywhere are mass-produced wines. It's likely that you're drinking garbage that's not worth the money. In other words, you're getting ripped off.
The Big Wine Industry wants you to buy that sexy-looking bottle or that next Cabernet, Chianti, or Super Tuscan. It's not your fault. They know how to advertise to you and get you to buy that bottle of junk.

Let me show you two pictures that NOBODY who works in the wine business will ever show you. Look below. 
mass-production harvesting
Mass-Producer vs. Small-Producer
The picture on the left is a Mass-Producer. They harvest the grapes by machine. With tractors doing the dirty work for them, they can produce TONS of wine. I'm talking about millions of bottles per year.

Have you ever wondered how a million bottles of wine can taste EXACTLY the same? 

Wine is an agricultural product, not a soft drink. If a million-bottle production all tastes the same, then it's a soft drink, not wine. These are the wines that take up ALL the space in your local wine shop.

The picture on the right is a small-producer. They harvest the grapes by hand. With this ancient technique, they cannot make a lot of wine. 50,000 bottles per year is an average small production. 

The small producer makes artisanal wines because only the highest quality grapes are harvested. The mass-producer harvests EVERYTHING, including the rotten grapes. 

1,000,000 bottles versus 50,000 bottles is a HUGE difference!

Whose wine would you rather drink? 

The challenge is actually FINDING these small craft wines AND at affordable prices.

But luckily for you there's now a way. 

I have personally curated a collection of tasty treasures for you. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars in travel and research to bring this group of affordable luxuries to your door. 

There is no need for you play the "trial and error" game of picking wines at your local wine shop. You already know most of them are mass-produced and overpriced for the value you're getting. 

Do you think a $25 wine made by hand is more valuable than a $27 made by a machine? 

You bet. 

All the work is done for you. All you need to do is click and order below
The Truth About Organic Wine
In order to satisfy demands by the public, The Big Wine Industry brought organic certifications to wine. Clearly there is a desire to drink clean wine. Take a look at the graphic below. Forgive me, it's written in Italian, but that's not important. 

On the left, you have a "conventional" or "non-organic" bottle of wine. All the potential chemicals that can go into a regular bottle of wine are listed. On the right, you have all the potential chemicals that go into an organic wine. 

Conventional Wine vs. Organic Wine
As you can see, there are less chemicals and additives, but, far from being 100% clean. And on top of it all you pay extra for that organic wine. 

What's interesting is that mass-producers make BOTH conventional and organic wines.

Now you might not care whether a wine is certified organic or not. I personally don't. But I do want the wine to be clean and authentic. 

How would you feel if you found out your favorite wine tastes so good because of artificial additives? 

If you're looking for quality and authenticity, an organic sticker doesn't guarantee it. I'm not saying to avoid organic wines. Instead, I'm asking you to consider small producers that make quality craft wine. 

Because small producers have less land to work and less grapes to cultivate, they can naturally take care of their vineyards with less chemical intervention. 

The wine culture of the small craft producer says, "Whatever the year brings me, I'll make the best of it." 

The wine culture of the big mass producer says, "We have to save our entire crop by any means possible." 

These are very different ways of thinking. The priorities and values are vastly different!

There is no certifiable stamp for the wine culture inside an artisan-crafted bottle of Italian wine. 

The Last Time I Bought A Crappy Bottle
I pulled a dusty bottle of Chianti off the shelf. I was in a sweaty liquor store in New York City. 

I had just returned from a trip visiting my family in Italy in August 2000. 

The rich flavors and silky textures of Italy were still fresh in my mind. I could still taste them in my mouth. 

I popped the cork and poured that Chianti. 

Gulp, gulp, gulp. My lips clenched. 

The wine was not even close to being good.  

In that moment, I desperately missed Italy. I wanted to hop on a plane and go right back. 

"Why were the wines in Italy so much better than here?"

That was a story that repeated itself every time I came back from Italy.

Once I understood that there were small local vineyards producing quality craft wine, I knew I had to something to help people get access to them.  

You may be wondering how I’m qualified to help you with artisanal wine from Italy...

Taormina, Sicily
Caserta, Campania
That trip was the first of many, and thousands spent. In my 20’s and 30’s I went back often to visit my relatives in the Molise region of Southern Italy. 

I learned to read, write, and speak Italian. I immersed myself into the Italian culture, traditions, food, and wine. 

I discovered that the Italian wine being shipped to the United States was very different from the wine I was drinking on my trips. 

As you know, I discovered “craft wine.” 

So I started an importing company called Gladiator Wine Distribution to bring these small craft wines to people who wanted to enjoy the ultimate tasting experience.  

I also wrote a book called “Hidden Gems of Italy” which is part crash course in Italian wine and part shopping guide. It won Best European Wine Book In The U.S. at the Gourmand International.

My family background, fluency in Italian, 20 years of travel, importer, and being an award-winning author pulls together the perfect skillsets to find you the best wines Italy has to offer.
Vasto - Adriatic Coast
Oliena, Sardinia
Lecce, Puglia
Verona, Veneto
Benevento, Campania
with family in Montaquila, Molise
What People Say About Tony
Fantastic experience! Tony knows more about wine and grapes than anyone I've ever met. I picked up some great buying tips AND found a new wine crush. Definitely recommend!
Kyle W - New York City
There are a few importer palates I've learned to trust. A trust not easily won. Tony Margiotta is a trusted source.
Joel M - New York City
Tony was great. He was extremely polite and easy to work with and he provided a lot of interesting knowledge about the native varietals and background of the vineyards he sourced them from. He also provided useful, easy tips for finding and tasting lesser known wines, that you don't need to be an expert to understand.

Layla - New York City
7 Reasons This Collection Will 
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We ship to all states EXCEPT Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Hawaii, and Alaska. 

you're just one cork away

So If You Want To Drink High Quality Italian Wines At Affordable Prices, Ask Yourself This:
How much money do you spend every month at your local wine shop?
Instead of driving over to your wine shop burning gas and time.

Instead of picking another mass-produced wine that's chemically altered. 

Do something different now and try this mixed case of hidden gems!

You get 12 bottles of wine which is about a month's supply for most people.
Why not skip a month from your local wine shop and try this mixed case of craft wine from Italy?
The Dirty Little Secret About Wine Is That 
Great Wines Are Not Made In Great Numbers.
The special wines in this case are limited production. Some are produced as little as 6,000 bottles per year. 

Can you imagine how clean, unique, and delicious these wines are compared to mass-produced wines? 

All the craft wines here were harvested by human hands, not tractors. When people harvest by hand, you can't make a lot of wine. But the small amount of wine they do make from hand-harvested grapes gives you higher quality wine.

These are mother nature’s rules, not mine. 

The Only Mixed Case Of Artisanal Wine On The Internet

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to drink and enjoy top quality wines that you can't get anywhere else.
“The Hidden Gems Collection" Is The Secret To Drinking Well 
We ship to all states EXCEPT Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, & Utah.
What People Say About Hidden Gems
I was strictly a California Wine drinker until I found Tony and the Hidden Gems Chest, and turned me on to some amazing Italian wines...that were also quite affordable. I highly recommend them!
Conrad Strabone, President of E9 Digital  - New York City
Tony knows how to find top-notch wines from Italy that no one else can find. It’s like he’s the only guy who can get these Gems!!!
Dr. Joshua Perlman, Cosmetic Dentist - New York City
I never knew the difference between the real Italian wine and the synthetic wines offered at my corner wine shop. With the Hidden Gems Chest, I turned my snobby wine friends on to wines that blew their minds away and made them a little more humble. Best wine purchase ever!
Diego Lares, Found of 3D World - New York City
We ship to all states EXCEPT Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Hawaii, and Alaska. 
What You get...
hidden gems chest Offer
hidden gems chest ($1,197 Value)
The table is almost set. You go to your wine rack and take the Italian wine with the mysterious label and pop the cork. Carefully pouring it into your decanter, the seductive perfumes permeate in the room. Within an hour, dinner is ready and so is your artisan wine. Your balloon glass glows red like a priceless gem. The mouth-watering flavors and silky textures take your palate to unimaginable destinations. Take your ordinary wine life to the extraordinary. This carefully-curated selection of Italian Wines come from small craft wineries unobtainable in your local wine shops. 12 bottles total: 10 reds and 2 whites. Enjoy luxury wines at accessible prices while deepening relationships and sharing a unique experience together. Whether you want to taste high quality wine alone on the sofa or in good company, these special wines will dazzle the senses like never before.
fREE Bonus #1 italian insider ebook ($97 Value)
So your Hidden Gems Chest arrives at your door. What's next? Well, it would be nice to know a little more about the wines in the chest, right? When you deepen your appreciation for the wine in your glass, you'll enjoy it more. When you purchase the Hidden Gems Chest, you’ll also receive a free copy of Italian Insider. It’s a behind-the-scenes type of ebook that quickly and easily guides through the little known places where the wines come from. You'll read short stories about all the craft wineries and the history of the native grapes they cultivate. It’s a quick-read that will increase your appreciation for the wines in your Hidden Gems Chest. Besides, the insider info will make an interesting conversation starter when you have guests over. 

After you've tasted some of the wines in your Hidden Gems Chest, your passion for Italian wine might inspire you to learn more. The biggest problem with Italian wine is, well, the labels are written in Italian! What do all those words mean? Most people pass over the best Italian wines out there simply because of a language barrier. When your purchase the Hidden Gems Chest, you get instant access to the Italian Wine Aficionado Video Course for FREE. You'll learn all the shortcuts to the best of Italian wines simply by reading the little clues on the front and back labels on a bottle. You'll master the skill of reading Italian wine labels WITHOUT ever learning the Italian language so you can buy your next wine with confidence. All you do is sit back, pour a glass of wine, and watch me show you how to read labels with real life examples. 

We ship to all states EXCEPT Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, & Utah.
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P.S. If you skipped down to the bottom you should know this one thing. 

Most wines in your local stores are full of mass-produced wines loaded with artificial flavors. They taste good because they were engineered that way. 

But they're fake. 

And you're being ripped off. 

The difference is like Sunny D and freshly squeezed orange juice. 

The difference is like Egg Beaters and real farm fresh eggs. 

The Hidden Gems Wine Collection $325
- 12 artisanal wines handcrafted in Italy
- taxes and shipping are included

Don't miss out on the Ultimate Wine Tasting Experience. 

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You're just one cork away, 
Tony Margiotta
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