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Ugolini Estate - Valpolicella

NIAF with
Tony Margiotta
November 10, 2021
6pm Eastern Time

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Amarone della Valpolicella

Amarone Wine Cellar - Ugolini Estate

The gorgeous green landscapes of the Valpolicella are awe-inspiring. And the meticulous vineyards that sculpt the lands inspire masterpiece wines.  

In this special Italian Wine Experience, author Tony Margiotta takes you on an enchanting journey of discovery through the world of Valpolicella wines including the world renowned Amarone della Valpolicella

You’ll discover:

-What Does Amarone and Valpolicella Really Mean? 
-The Story Behind Amarone Becoming The World’s Best 
-The Favorite Wine Of The Greatest Writer Of All Time
-4 Wine & Food Pairings That Create Magical Dinners
-The Luxurious Ugolini Estate
-And much more!

This is a rare opportunity to taste 4 Single Vineyard Cru wines from the historical “Classico” region of the Valpolicella. The original terrain that made Amarone and the wines of Valpolicella cherished throughout the world. 

The Ugolini Family Estate comprises some of the most coveted vineyard locations in the Valpolicella. Their wines have received gold medals from international wine competitions throughout the world and their single vineyard cru Amarone 2013 was recognized as one of the Top 100 Wines In Italy last year. The Ugolini family wines represent some of the finest in the Valpolicella today.

Join us for a virtual hour of magical wines and enrichment while Tony Margiotta shares with you the story in the bottle.  

Class Wine List:

Ugolini "Pozzetto" Valpolicella Classico 2017
Ugolini "San Michele" Valpolicella Superiore 2015
Ugolini "Monte Solane" Ripasso della Valpolicella 2016
Ugolini "Valle Alta" Amarone della Valpolicella 2013

(all wines are single vineyard cru)

*Order by November 3 to ensure delivery of wine before the class date. Wines are in limited supply. 

A portion of the proceeds from every order will be donated to NIAF. We thank you for your support.
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Valle Alta - Single Vineyard

Amarone with Lamb Shank

Valpolicella Classico

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ONE TIME OFFER $90: The Conversation Wine. You can add an extra bottle of Ugolini “Valle Alta” Amarone della Valpolicella 2013 to your wine collection for a discounted price. (Normal price: $120). The best conversations have something new to say. Or something familiar said in a different way. And they somehow avoid repetition. Instead it weaves and flows to fresh ideas that make you think, laugh, and cry. A great talk changes. It’s memorable. You learn from someone else while you learn something about yourself.  The Ugolini “Valle Alta” Amarone is a great conversation wine. It does the talking for you. Sharing among good company will fascinate everyone.  This single vineyard cru is called Valle Alta which means “High Valley.”  Chosen because it sits 839 feet above sea level. The high elevation is a secret ingredient of the high quality wine that comes from it. A rarity in the Valpolicella. The vineyard is optimum for sun exposure and temperature variations that allow native Italian grapes to mature and develop complexity. Hand-selection of the best hand-harvested grapes are air dried from October to March. An ancient Roman practice. In March, only the finest of the air dried grapes are hand-selected cluster by cluster to macerate on the skins for another 2 months. The artisan wine ages in barrels made with forest French oak and rest in the bottle until ready for drinking. This process can take years depending on the vintage. Ugolini “Valle Alta” is a single vineyard Amarone Cru that will inspire fascinating conversations at the table, on the sofa, or among the cracking flames of a warm fireplace. Decant for 1 hour before serving. Use a large balloon glass for maximum bouquet. Age-worthy for 25-30 years. Gold Medal - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles / Gold Medal - Mundus Vini / Top 100 Wines Of Italy 2020 - Gold Medal - Merano Wine Hunter Competition

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Ripasso della Valpolicella

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