Artisanal Tasting Experience

From Across Italy

Hidden Gems Collection

March 25, 2021
6pm Eastern Time

The Hidden Gems Collection is a 12-bottle collection of artisanal wines handcrafted in Italy. They come from small local farms that value quality over mass quantity. The Ultimate Tasting Experience awaits you!
  • Origin: Estate Bottled & Produced At The Origin
  • Craft: Handcrafted Wine In Limited Quantities
  • Culture: Clean Farming, Hand-Harvested, Authentic
All wines in this collection were produced between 6,000 bottles and 40,000 bottles annually. True, small production wines, sculpted and finessed into delicious works of art. These craft wines from Italy will redefine the meaning of delicious. In 5 business days you'll be sipping on mouthwatering flavors of the Mediterranean. Enjoy!

Class Wine LIst:

Castellucci MIano 'Miano' Bianco (Sicilia)
Rapino Montepulciano d'Abruzzo (Abruzzo)
Battaglio Barbera d'Alba (Piemonte)
Atha Ruja Cannonau di Sardegna (Sardegna) 

*Order by March 17 to ensure delivery of wine.

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ONE TIME OFFER $34: When you swap out 1 bottle from your order, you get 1 bottle of Antico Borgo Taurasi 2012--better known as "The Emperor's Reserve." Made with 100% hand-harvested and hand-selected Aglianico grapes from the oldest vineyard of the estate. Aged in both American and French oak barrels for 3 years followed by a year of rest in bottle before released. Only 3,000 bottles are produced annually of this wine because the grapes used are extremely selective. Taurasi can age for at least 2 decades. The wine is complex, aromatic, and bold. Pairs beautifully with red meat, sausage, wild game, meat based pasta sauces, and hard/aged cheeses. Taste the power and glory of The Emperor's Reserve today!

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